A unique hybrid commodity token

Uro is a currency pegged to the value of 1 metric tonne of Urea, the world's most important fertilizer responsible for over half of total world food production by volume. Urea is an excellent option to peg a long term currency against because it cleanly tracks the gradual increase of energy and food prices (Urea is made from only energy, water and air - and its demand is based on the ever increasing need for food). An international group of Urea sellers have joined the Uro Foundation to form a legal consensus, the Uro Protocol. This document set out clear procedures for the exchange of Urocoins for Urea shipments at the pegged ratio. The protocol has been ratified by several Urea suppliers and is open to signing by any Urea seller.

The Uro Foundation is the non-profit volunteer organization that oversees the long term development, growth and maintenance of the Uro currency ecosystem by providing long term technical and marketing support.

The impact of URO on the agricultural sector is discussed in the whitepaper "URO: An International Decentralized Urea Exchange"

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Our goal is maintain the Uro blockchain network as a distributed urea exchange for the efficient international trade of the world's most important fertilizer and to provide a medium of exchange stabilized via backing to the true and undeniable international value of Urea

The existing international Urea market is incredibility inefficient, with very poor liquidity and a complete lack of agreement on pricing. The wholesale price of Urea can vary by as much as 300% between different markets, nations and regions. Real farmers - especially small to medium agricultural families - are losing crops and livelihoods over the inability to access affordable fertilizer at the time they need it most.

Food shortages are being predicted by many independent experts worldwide and the consistent availability of a international, distributed, fast and efficient Urea exchange is a vital part of the solution to this crisis. If all crops in the future can be fully planted and properly fertilized, the impeding disaster can be much more easily averted.

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You can read the Uro Protocol, catch up on recent discussion highlights at our Blog, download the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux desktop wallets to store your funds, and buy Urocoins on the curated digital asset exchange Melotic, as well as on all major cryptocurrency exchanges like Cryptsy, Bittrex, and MintPal. Remember to also follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.


Please email all inquiries to foundation@uro.io


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